Don't Settle for Watered-Down Service

Get the best fire sprinkler system installations

For over 15 years, Frontline Fire Protection LLC has installed and inspected fire suppression systems in Casper, WY and surrounding areas. With 25 years of experience, we install top quality systems in both residential and commercial buildings.

We're experts in:

• Sprinkler retrofitting for older properties
• New construction sprinkler installation
• Commercial, industrial and residential sprinkler inspection

Make sure you've got the best team on your side when it comes to the safety of your home or commercial property. Call Frontline Fire Protection LLC today at (307) 247-1122!

1. Protect people. Whether you own a home or a commercial facility, a fire alarm is simply not enough to protect a building's occupants during a blaze. With our fire suppression sprinklers, occupants will be given more time to escape the building in case of a fire.

2. Protect your business. After a fire breaks out in a commercial building, the resulting damage can range from minor to severe. Limit the recovery costs by installing a quality sprinkler system.

3. Limit your insurance liability. If a fire damages or destroys your commercial facility, you'll want to get every dollar you're entitled to from your insurance. If the insurance determines the damage might have been prevented by a sprinkler system, you may not receive the full payout you would otherwise have coming.

Simply put, a new fire sprinkler system makes sense. Call Frontline Fire Protection LLC today at (307) 247-1122!


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